Coronavirus Emergency Funding:

This funding process has now been withdrawn.

If you wish to apply for a donation please go to our Applications page and use our regular funding process, the next deadline for receipt of applications is the 3rd January 2022.

Important update:

The Trust has now re-opened the pledge funding process.

The Trust

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust was set up in 1982, by Mrs Jean Beryl Lilian Sainsbury, and is a registered charity (No. 326358). Since then, the Trust has given just over £10.4 million to animal welfare charities.

In 2020 JSAWT donated a total of £395,000 which was distributed across the charities we supported as follows:

The Trust has seven Trustees including two practising veterinary surgeons, one of whom is a partner in a mixed small animal, farm animal and equine practice and the other specialises in birds and wildlife.

The objectives of the Trust are to donate to UK registered charities whose purposes encompass one or more of the following:

  • to benefit or protect animals
  • to relieve animals from suffering
  • to conserve wild life
  • to encourage the understanding of animals

The Trust invites applications for funding, which are then reviewed against specific criteria, as set by the Trustees in accordance with the objectives of the Trust.

If you are considering a substantial donation or legacy to The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust, we could recognise this in the future with an annual donation made in your name to a specific animal welfare charity of your choice.

The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust is not in any way connected to the Sainsbury family or retail group.

Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

In 2010, as a lasting tribute to Jean Sainsbury’s lifelong dedication to animal welfare, the trustees made a substantial one-off donation towards the refurbishment of the Royal Veterinary College’s Beaumont Animals’ Hospital in Camden Town, London. For many years Jean Sainsbury was a supporter of the work of the RVC in general and the hospital in particular. In her lifetime grants to the college helped to fund the first phase of the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals at the Hawkshead campus in Hertfordshire and grants were used at the Camden Town hospital to refurbish operating theatres and waiting and reception areas. Jean Sainsbury’s support of the college was formally recognised in 1994 by the award of an Honorary Fellowship of the college. For many years The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust has subsidised veterinary costs for those on low incomes at the Beaumont Animals’ Hospital which was re-opened in May 2011 following major refurbishment, and renamed in memory of Jean as The Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital.