All Creatures Great and Small

“The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust made a huge improvement to life for abandoned cats in the area”


At our site in Llanfrechfa there were large numbers of abandoned cats housed in poor conditions and small cages. The building was in a very poor condition and the accommodation was not fit for purpose. Yet there was a queue down the lane of people who had found abandoned cats or wanted All Creatures Great and Small to rehome. There was so little provision in the area.
The new Cattery and sick bay offer sleeping quarters, an exercise area, heat and light and a view out. It is designed for stimulation, cleanliness and good supervision. Pregnant cats can be isolated so that they and their kittens can enjoy peace and tranquillity.
Since the opening of the new building ACGAS has continued to rescue and rehome hundreds of abandoned and unwanted cats with a team of specialist volunteers caring for and understanding the needs of lonely, sometimes mistreated and abandoned cats, all needing a forever home.
In a very difficult financial period JSAWT also helped with running cost allowing ACGAS to continue to provide for these animals.