November Update from Animal Support Angels

“We are starting to get out as much as we can for the winter as its going to be terrible out there, we have another lorry going at the end of November. Tina who I am working with flew out yesterday, she is going to see what is needed most so we can get out as much as we can. I suspect kennels may be on the list for the next purchase, I will keep you updated. Without your grant funding a lot of this would not have been possible…”


Amanda Broome, Founder and Trustee sent us an update this week.
Animal Support Angels are working with ALFS Foodbank to transport supplies directly to partners in Ukraine. This includes food, enrichment toys, emergency support packages for pet owners arriving at the border with their pet and vetinerary supplies.
Serhiy, a Ukrainian vet, has remained in Volydymor and is neutering and treating homeless dogs and cats. Animal Support Angels and ALFS are supporting him with medical supplies. 
If you are interested in supporting, please click this link.