Ukraine Emergency: Working with Animal Support Angels

Animal Support Angels were recommended to us by charities that we work with. After receiving their emergency application, we agreed two blocks of funding: one to help towards vets fees and one to directly support their work in the Ukraine.

To see more about Animal Support Angels, please click this link.

What Animal Support Angels say on Facebook:

August 19 at 6:30 PM  · 

As you know we have been working hard in the background fundraising and applying for grants to keep us going and able to help continue helping animals in need. Well this week we had a reply from one of our applications!!! We are SO EXCITED to share with you that the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust have awarded us with a grant towards our vet bills AND a grant to be spent on animal welfare in ukraine ??!! This is absolutely amazing and we are very honoured. With the help of our friends at ALFS we will source much needed supplies, ALFS will then sort the transport directly to where it’s needed. Working as a team allows us to help so many more. We are planning to sort pet meds, coats, kennels and 4 ft crates, establish feeding stations in the villages and start neutering those animals left behind in the aftermath of war….this truly is an amazing donation for which we are very lucky … now bring on the hard work … sourcing and packing if anybody can help sourcing any of the above please get in touch…we need you …