Charities Supported Recently

The charities that appear on this page are just a few of the many we have been proud to support recently. Please see their testimonials below.

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital provides care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife casualties from across West Sussex and East Hampshire with the aim to release healthy Wildlife back to their natural habitats. We are funded by generous donations from members of the public, trusts and foundations and income generated through our charity shops. We have had a long standing relationship with Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Charitable Trust and they have kindly supported us on numerous projects including the construction of animal enclosures for large mammals and water birds. Most recently they have enabled us to make our ailing hospital site more biosecurity compliant, such as new windows and doors and upgrading some of our old enclosures.2021 marks 50 years since our Founder first started caring for wildlife. We have come a long way since then and we are so grateful for the support of the JSAWT during out special anniversary and those who have helped us achieve what we have over the years.

Hugs Foundation

Founded in 2017the Hugs Foundation, based in Cornwall, has rescued over 115 horses and ponies and an array of other animals along the way and provided over 5000 hours of well-being interventions to 450 individuals. Over the last 12months alone, Hugs has rehomed over 30 ponies to incredible homes. Every horse at Hugs has an individual rehabilitation programme and in addition, Hugs has designed a unique programme (for those that are suitable) that gives them a purpose and ongoing rehabilitation and training. Hugs are eternally grateful for the support of the fantastic Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust. The funding they have provided helped secure a horsebox, which has made a huge impact on the charities work. It has meant Hugs has been able to rescue more horses, attend rescues much quicker and take horses to the vet in emergency situations, saving more lives. With the pandemic creating so much uncertainty and issues with funding for charities, Jean Sainsbury created their emergency fund to help charities while their income had reduced. Hugs have been lucky to receive some of this fund to help keep the charity going through these difficult times, especially with demand for both rescues and rehoming. We cannot thank this amazing Trust enough for their kindness and support to save lives and help make positive changes to animal welfare


Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue are based in an area of high deprivation and cruelty in South Yorkshire and is somewhat classed as a new charity, being just 19 years old. During those years, we have helped thousands of dogs and cats in crisis, providing the space and support needed for those abandoned animals to recover, thrive and find a loving home. We never turn away those in need-we wish to always have a door open to help. The volume of dogs and cats and their owners asking us for help never ceases but the financial need they require keeps on increasing as so many have suffered years of medical neglect. We knew we needed somewhere to help with the cats on the streets, to get them into our cattery and start their program of medical and behavioural support. This could be provided by an isolation unit to bring in cats from the streets and keep them away from other healthier or pregnant cats. When we asked the Trust for help, they listened and they helped us by giving us a grant of £8,000 towards our Intake Cattery Unit. The Trust has supported Rain Rescue for many years and I am sure that Jean Sainsbury would have been so pleased to know that the Trust continues to carry out her wishes and truly listens to charities when they need financial help.

Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue

This year has been a hard one for all rescues, with animals still needing help and vets still needing payment. With no income from fundraising, we were all struggling to keep going and are so grateful to The Jean Sainsbury Trust who helped us not once, but twice with grants of£5K each time. It made the difference between life and death, quite literally, as the number of stray and abandoned cats went through the roof. We had the un-neutered toms with their battle scars and fresh injuries and the girls, little more than kittens themselves, giving birth in sheds, under hedges, anywhere they could find some warmth and shelter for their precious kittens. The grants meant we never once had to close our doors or refuse a cat treatment and that meant so much to the volunteers who pour their hearts and souls into rescue. So thank you, Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust, for your support over the years and for stepping up to the plate, without hesitation, to help us continue our work. We are so very grateful.

Rabbit Residence Rescue

2020 has been undoubtedly tough, but it has also been an incredible year for The Rabbit Residence Rescue! We’ve rehomed 175 rabbits and taken in 156 rabbits in need, an amazing achievement in difficult circumstances. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust for helping with the neutering, vaccination, and preparation for re-homing costs for so many neglected and unwanted bunnies. Some of the conditions our rabbits experience are truly dreadful, but as soon as they arrive with us they are loved and cared for in the best way possible. All our rabbits are available for rehoming, and many wonderful new bunny parents have been found and the Residence supports every rabbit parent with information and guidance, and a dedicated support page. Our Vet bills are enormous, averaging £3,000 a month, so the support from the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust is a true life-line for us, as without the grant we would not be able to help as many rabbits in need. We cannot thank you enough.

The Owls Trust

The Owls Trust is a small charity based in North Wales but we hold one of the most comprehensive collections of owls on display to the public in the UK. The owls are here for educational purposes as ambassadors for their species and to draw attention to the challenges they face throughout the world and here in the UK. There are three main strands to our work. We provide rescue and rehabilitation for wild injured owls and birds of prey. We educate the public about our local birds of prey and how we can maintain their habitats to protect the bio-diversity of our countryside and we work with international partners to create and maintain breeding stocks of the world’s rarest owls. Over many years the Jean Sainsbury Trust has come to our aid in times of need. None more so than during these terrible times caused by the Covid pandemic. No one could have foreseen the consequences to the world, and particularly for those of us caring for animals, that this dreadful disease would cause. Because of the lifeline JSAWT gave us in terms of financial help when we needed it most in 2020 we had valuable time to regroup and arrange new methods of funding to care for this wonderful collection and continue our work caring for wild injured owls and birds of prey. Thank you JSAWT.

Friends of Inti Warra Yassi

Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi has rescued thousands of animals from illegal wildlife trafficking and other dangerous situations in Bolivia. CIWY’s team of veterinarians and wildlife biologists rehabilitates the animals and, whenever possible, reintroduces them to the wild. The animals that cannot be safely reintroduced are provided lifelong sanctuary in one of CIWY’s centres along the Amazon rainforest, as close as possible to their natural habitats. We are grateful to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust for supporting us with three grants over the past few years. In 2018 JSAWT helped CIWY build a new enclosure for rescued howler monkeys. The enclosure features an innovative design that allows the monkeys to exit through the top to eat in the tree canopy, as they would in the wild. By limiting human contact and encouraging wild behaviours, the enclosure helps prepare the monkeys for reintroduction to the rainforest. More recently, JSAWT has provided urgently needed support during the Covid-19 pandemic. CIWY’s work relies heavily on international volunteers. The pandemic and consequent lockdown forced us to suspend the volunteer programme, severely impacting our ability to continue caring for over 500animals. After 25 years of defending Bolivia’s wildlife, 2020 threw CIWY’s continued viability into question. JSAWT’s emergency Covid funds helped CIWY survive the worst months, and we cannot thank them enough for this crucial assistance

WeCare Worldwide

WECare Worldwide is a UK registered animal charity, currently based in Sri Lanka. Set up and run by our own veterinary surgeons, we believe that no animal should suffer and should have access to a high standard of veterinary care, no matter where in the world they are, or whether owned or roaming. We are so grateful for the part The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust has played in our story so far, with them being one of our earliest supporters. Because of their understanding of the importance of supporting animal welfare issues not just here at home, their initial award was a real lifeline to WECare, allowing us to grow as a charity, helping us to reach thousands more animals in need that otherwise we would not have been able to. Our animal hospital on the island is at the heart of everything we do and through the trust’s most recent support in contributing towards the operational costs of running the hospital, we are able to continue to provide vital services to animals who would be unlikely to receive treatment otherwise, resulting in a great amount of suffering and often avoidable fatalities. These services are offered to any animals in need of our assistance, whether that be from an injury caused by a road traffic accident, neglect, or abuse, ailments such as infectious diseases, skin conditions, tumours or maggot wounds, or to provide preventative treatments like neuters and vaccinations. We are so very proud of our association with The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust, and cannot thank them enough for recognising the true value in the work carried out by WECare Worldwide.

Care 4 Cats

Care 4 Cats have been operational on Ibiza, Balearics for twenty-one years, to alleviate suffering and to control the numerous feral cat colonies across Ibiza. This is managed humanely by a trap-neuter-release programme and the treating of any sick or injured cats. The healthy neutered colonies are then monitored and fed by dedicated volunteers. These selfless volunteers mostly have jobs, but have to work around those, and all are dedicated to improving the lives of the homeless cats. There is a recognisable reduction in the feral cat population as Care 4 Cats have been responsible for neutering more than 24,000 cats. A success story that is greatly assisted by the support of the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust.