Happy tales (and tails) from Forever Hounds Trust

In August 2022 Forever Hounds received a grant from us. Stephanie Audry sent us an update as to how the funds were spent, including these two stories about Dasher and Nigel.
“Dasher was abandoned at just fourteen weeks old, along with her brother who was in very poor condition. Confused, all alone and thrown away like rubbish, they were scooped up and rushed to the vets. Whilst Dasher showed signs of improvement, her brother was far too poorly and sadly didn’t make it.

We were able to find Dasher a foster home where she could begin to have the start in life she deserved. She coped amazingly considering what could have been. She started displaying natural behaviors and her playful personality started to shine through – both with toys and the adult dogs in the foster home. The foster family have recently informed us they can’t bear to part with Dasher and are now in the process of adopting her.
Nigel was the last dog of 2022 to come into our care. He is a 6 year old boy who came to us from a long-term home and was surrendered ostensibly due to his behavior -however, it turned out that his behavioral issues were caused by him being in an incredible amount of pain. Nigel was transported to us by volunteers who all instantly noticed the very poor condition of his teeth.
This had been causing him huge amounts of pain, for a long time. There are also significant other health risks associated with untreated dental disease, including heart
disease. Nigel needed so much work done that his dental intervention had to be split into two sessions in order not to exceed the recommended time under anaesthetic. At his first dental, he had 15 teeth removed. He is recovering from this and is due another dental for the remaining treatment.
Thanks to support like yours, we can ensure dogs like Dasher and Nigel get the care and veterinary treatments they need and a second chance at life with a forever family”