From bully Toms to “Prince Charming’s” with Portsmouth Cats

Penny Parker from Portsmouth Cats – Lost, Found and Rehomed sent us this lovely update in April:

Just wanted to give you an update. We have helped so many cats to be neutered, spayed and chipped. Some of the dear intact bully tom cats are now Prince Charmings!!

We can not thank you enough and I will be returning the grant progress form real soon as we still have a few more cats we have booked in for the rest of April.

Truly you have helped us to help so many cats in need and to help owners keep their cats once we spayed, chipped etc. We have dropped monthly food bank drops to them until they are on their feet again during these difficult financial times.

One elderly lady is ecstatic she still has her companion and did not have to surrender him due to financial difficulties!! Thank you all at Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare trust.