Not just horses and donkeys…

Long standing partner charity, The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, recently sent us this fascinating update of a day spent in the field carrying out the Trust’s TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, release) outreach program.
“The exceptionally heavy rains and broken Bush roads have take their toll on all our vehicles and out of 7 we have just one working at the moment. The work goes on though and little by little we are making progress.
A  hectic day 😂
Late leaving due to vehicle issues
Then arrived to torrential rain so had to take shelter 
Finally set up and began looking for the dogs, a local Rasta said more than 8 dogs died recently due to untreated Illness, the remaining pack is of about 5, absolutely terrified of people and unapproachable 
I think we have run about 10 miles doing laps of the beach and forest to herd them 😂😵‍💫
We managed to spay 3 bitches, we could not catch the other 2 😭
We also castrated a dog of a man who was washing him in the sea to help with mango worms, he was very grateful 
We also caught and neutered 4 female cats and 3 male cats
The lodge were very grateful, they’ve been concerned about the growing population of both cats and dogs on the beach, especially because many of them die 😢
One of the dogs has mange, we gave ivermectin today, but he will need regular treatment. A man that lives next to the lodge offered to feed them daily, he seemed kind and responsible, Musa had a long chat with him, as our food supply is low I’m not sure we can provide food?”