Helping Rhinos

“For many small to medium wildlife charities, the challenges in securing critical funding for life-saving initiatives can often feel insurmountable. Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust is that lifesaver, a godsend for so many”
With a decade of experience in proactive rhino conservation, our successes include the fitting of large numbers of tracking collars to rhinos, meaning anti-poaching Rangers can efficiently locate the rhinos and deploy more effective poaching prevention strategies. We have provided a fully operational mobile veterinary unit meaning timely treatment of wildlife can be carried out, saving over 500 lives of endangered wildlife to date. The vet unit is also used to provide care in the local communities for domestic animals. And we have rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild 11 rhino orphans, all of whom will play their part in the natural population growth of the species. Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust have supported Helping Rhinos in the implementation of all these essential, lifesaving activities.
Many happy returns JSAWT, I’m sure Jean Sainsbury herself would be extremely proud of all that has been achieved and the support the Trust has been able to give over the last 40 years. Thank you.