Horse Sense Wirral

“Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust has been supporting Horse Sense Wirral for several years. Their grants are a huge help to us, enabling us to provide a high standard of care to the animals that need our help”
We are run solely with volunteers and donations and are extremely grateful for their support. Caring for the animals can bring unexpected expenses, especially if we have several horses needing veterinary help all at the same time.
We couldn’t do what we do without support from our followers and trusts like JSAWT. Below are some  examples of what we do.
Ruby now 31yo came to us 7 years ago in an emaciated state having been seen in a horse market, purchased and brought to us.
Ruby is an ex race horse she is the sweetest soul, and suffers separation issues. She soon gained weight and is enjoying retirement, with nothing more asked of her. She will stay in our care to see out her days.
Clifford came to us in May this year, less than 24hours old. Clifford was seen by walkers being knocked off a cliff by two fighting stallions, obtaining head injuries. Clifford had some ups and downs in the early weeks and was very poorly, needing round the clock care.
He has been hand reared and is doing amazingly now. He is a bit of a celebrity with our followers. Once old enough he will be gelded and hopefully find a loving home in the future.
Wilma is approximately 15yo, she came to us in June this year emaciated with a heavy worm burden. She has muscle wastage and can’t stand after she lays down, needing our help to lift her with slings. She has round the clock care, gaining weight and strength.
Wilma suddenly found hard feed tasty after two months and is doing amazing now, she is on the road to a full recovery. We will work with her and assess her needs when fully fit, and all being well will be rehomed in time.