Little Liquorice is given a new lease of life

Debbie from Freshfields contacted us to tell us how the incubators funded by a donation from the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust helped save a very poorly kitten.
Little Liquorice was brought into us after being found crawling out from underneath a shed, was very lethargic and had an extremely large tick on his behind.
He was rushed to the vets as we were concerned that he seemed very flat and not at all kitten-like. Despite the temperatures hitting 22 degrees outside, his body temperature was very low, and the unit funded by the JSAWT with the heated element kept him nice and toasty. After receiving antibiotic injections, he picked up the very next day.
He is a totally different kitten now, into everything and very playful, purrs the minute he’s picked up. He’s certainly turned a corner!