Orangutan Foundation

“Congratulations to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust for 40 years of giving”
The Orangutan Foundation is most grateful for the continued support the Trust has given to our work.  The funding has contributed to the Foundation’s Soft Release Programme for orphaned orangutans in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. This programme allows the orangutans to develop skills necessary to survive in the wild: a process that can take several years, as they need to learn tree-climbing , nest-making  and finding food in the forest, all under the watchful eyes of our staff.   
The Trust’s support for the vet and his team has been crucial for the health and welfare of adult orangutans, infants, and those released and monitored from the five post release camps within the Reserve. They receive the best veterinary care, by monitoring the health of the infants on a daily basis and monthly health checks. The vet is also on hand to rescue orangutans from areas where their lives could be at risk and to treat any injuries they may have.
This funding has allowed the Foundation to continue its work, saving the critically endangered orangutan and its habitat.
Thank you with appreciation from all at the Orangutan Foundation.