Peruvian travels with Globalteer

In July 2023 the Trust helped  fund a neutering and vaccinating project in Cusco, Peru. Jim Elliot from Globalteer updated us:

We used the grant to purchase medical supplies, medicines and equipment for our mobile clinic and costs associated with neutering work. This allowed us to offer neutering to dogs and cats in rural villages around Cusco.

We now have 5,205 animals registered to the project and work in 37 locations in Cusco, registering as many of the roaming dogs as possible and providing basic healthcare, including health checks, anti-parasite (internal and external) medications and vaccinations. We also treated specific illnesses and injuries that we came across, with antibiotics, wound care, etc. We have been working with the communities to educate them on how to care for their animals and the need to neuter.

To see more of Globalteer’s work in Peru, have a look at their website here