Pet Care Network

“Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary. Below is a short paragraph outlining the work we have been doing over the years with your help. It is a testimony as to just how much we have been able to achieve and how grateful we are to you all.
Thank you”
Pet Care Network was set up in May 1996 and since its conception has helped thousands of people with a variety of constructive pet care help.
 We feel this is especially important for people who because of their circumstances are often isolated and lonely.  Day after day loneliness often leads to severe depression and can cause further withdrawal.  Pet ownership can give people a feeling of being needed, it can give a central focus to daily routines, and increases exercise and mobility and most importantly it gives immeasurable love, a commodity all too often lacking today. 
 We are a small charity and finding funding has never been easy, but for many years the generous grants from Jean Sainsbury’s Animal Welfare Trust have enabled Pet Care Network to give people the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding and ongoing relationship with their companion animals.