Saving turtles with Rainforest Concern

In August 2022 the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust supported two scholarships for the Urpiano Leatherback Turtle Conservation Project, run by Rainforest Concern. 
The project focuses on saving the eggs of leatherback turtles – (IUCN Vulnerable, some populations Endangered) at the five-kilometre Urpiano beach in Costa Rica.
As part of the conservation initiative, the project takes on members of the local community as part of a
scholarship/trainee programme. Since much of the problem of egg poaching comes from the community, they have found that engaging and training members of the community is a powerful way to educate and have advocates  for leatherback turtles in the local area – helping change attitudes and behaviours.
Hatchlings hurrying to the sea
Trainees Justin and Brittany
Weighing neonates