Keeping horses SAFE with Saving Abandoned Fly Grazing Equines

 Winter is always an expensive time for anyone who cares for equines and charities are no exception.
Kirsty from Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines sent us an update on how our £10,000 grant helped out with costs towards hay, feed, vets bills and maintenance of the fields the horses are kept in.

Those horses that need them have Premier Equine rugs as we are very lucky and get them at a 50% discount and have managed to fundraise for them in the past.  We purchased new 50g liners for some of the horses to make them even more versatile.  Our youngest and newest pony Zucca needed new rugs too as although we have a vast array of sizes we had none that fitted him as he is growing fast!

Zucca is looking very cosy in his new rugs!
Saving Abandoned Fly Grazing Equines (SAFE) are an equine rescue working in Berkshire and Surrey. To find out more about their work please take a look at their website here.