Secret World Wildlife Rescue

“I’m sure you probably don’t appreciate the huge number of charities that you have enabled to keep going – so well done you!”
Congratulations to the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust for 40 fantastic years of helping charities and the many animals needing care. Secret World Wildlife Rescue has been helped on many occasions since 1996 with our core funding and veterinary care. We help approximately 5,000 wildlife casualties every year and it is only with the support of organisations like the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust that we have managed to cope with the many challenging times that occur, particularly during the pandemic.
We manage to finance our wildlife care through donations made by supporters, events, grants, trusts and legacies. We also have a charity shop which also helps with our many utility bills. Even so, there are constant fears with the regards to rising costs. We sincerely hope that your Trust will continue to support the many organisations needing your help.  Certainly, everyone at Secret World Wildlife Rescue congratulates you on your 40th anniversary and are sincere in our thanks for your continued support.