A warm hug from The Hugs Foundation

Laura Dennis from the Hugs Foundation updated us on how a recent award has been spent. In addition to vets bills, feed and bedding, she described some of the valuable work the Foundation is doing with young people (and young horses..)

We also rescued a herd of orphan foals; Galaxy, Geronimo, Geddon Gideon (now rehomed), Gina Gee Gee (now has a second visit, so fingers crossed she has found her home), Gilbert, Gherkin (now rehomed), Gino De’Ponyo, Gordon Ramsey (below photos and now rehomed) and Gilbert Grape. Your grant has enabled them all to have a full check over by the vet and all their vaccinations.

They have been through their rehabilitation plan, which has included handling and learning to trust people and through to seeing obstacles to help their confidence when they go to their new homes and desensitisation training.

They have also worked with the children and young people who come for well-being sessions here, creating a unique atmosphere of well-being and recovery for all. The work our service users do with our rescues is invaluable. It allows the rescues to experience more of the world, receive more training, grow in confidence (as do our service users) and progress through their training quicker, enabling us to rescue and rehome more in need. It is an incredible partnership to see grow for both equine and young person.

For more information about The Hugs Foundation please have a look a their website here.