Vale Wildlife Hospital

“We’d like to wish The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust a very Happy 40th Anniversary and to thank you for everything you’ve done”


The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust has helped us, at Vale Wildlife Hospital, many times over the years. The grants and donations we have received have enabled us to complete some bigger projects, like our purpose-built Swan Pools that enable us to get our swans, ducks and geese onto water at their last stage of rehabilitation before release, but have also helped with our general running costs, which are currently at over £50,000 every single month.
We are so appreciative of the support we have received from The Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust. Sadly, animal charities, and wildlife charities in particular, don’t seem to be eligible for a number of grants available to other organisations, so to be able to have this support really means the world to us.
We hope to have many more opportunities to work with you to benefit our British wildlife.