Wilma transformed at Horse Sense Wirral

Wendy Parker Radley sent us this fabulous update. Horse Sense Wirral were one of the recipients of a 40th Anniversary Award. Whilst telling us how it had been spent on hay, feed and vets bills, Wendy couldn’t resist sharing before and after pictures of one lucky horse..


I was going to send a nice cheerful healthy photo, but I came across Wilma and just had to share her with you.

Wilma needed critical care 24/7, the first photo was some 6/8 weeks after she arrived so was already gaining weight. Wilma was too weak to stand alone, so our volunteers were on call during the nights to help Amy and Shaun lift her. Although we have had other ponies needing this amount of care, Wilma took months before she was strong enough to stand alone.

I’m sure you will agree she is just so pretty, so how could I not share her with you.