Worldwide Veterinary Services Pakistan aid

Chris Payne from WVS gave us this update in September:
” Our aim at WVS is as you know to help and as the floods subside it will be apparent that the need will be for us to help with supplies of emergency aid, such as antibiotics, medical suture equipment basics such as sterile gloves for the veterinary surgeons, in fact the list is at this moment in time endless, plus we would like to be able to help with infrastructure as vital equipment such as microscopes and laboratory equipment will be required as these will have been lost in the floods! Aid parcels from WVS will include to start basic needs bandages, gloves, needles, and syringes.
The animal welfare needs for this area of Pakistan will become more apparent as the floods subside, for those animals that have survived the floods will then require help as they will have been separated from those that would normally tend them”
As a response we have sent emergency funding to help WVS continue with their vital support.